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Issues and Results

MCITA has been very successful in negotiating and improving access to tests, both on our own and working together with other stakeholders when appropriate.  Here are some of the issues we have been involved with:

  • More Module 1 and 2 test sites
  • More Motorcycle Examiners being trained
  • Improved deployment of Examiners
  • The Internet booking system launched (and improved)
  • Trainer booking monitoring has meant less test slots are wasted
  • Swift responses to issues such as long waiting times for Theory Tests
  • Examiner problems

Many of our members have used our Business Support Helpline which provides legal advice on issues such as Human Resources, Health and Safety or Tax advice.  Our members have identified this as a very useful service


  • Devitts Insurance discounts.
  • Members can receive discounts from a range of clothing and accessory providers.