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Choosing a training provider for your CBT

Choosing a training provider for your CBT

There are many training schools out there so how do you pick the one you think will help you achieve your goals of riding a bike? Some of you may find learning comes easily, some may need a bit longer. You need to make sure a training school offers a good balance of nurture and progression, delivered in a friendly and professional manner.

How can you define this when you are looking at a website?
Well, perhaps, you can’t but here are a few questions to ask yourself.

• Does it show the company logo and state the address and telephone numbers clearly?
• Has the site been maintained?
• Does it suggest professionalism?
• Are there pictures of ‘real’ students?
• Does it feel friendly?
• Can you see DVSA approval logos?
• Are there any trade association logos?
• Can you find information easily?
• Are there options to email your questions?
• Do they respond to your enquiry quickly and informatively?
• Do they ‘tweet’ or have a Facebook page?
• Is there information regarding instructors and qualification?

Many companies offer an online booking system for convenience. You can find a trainer which is listed with the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCITA)  these trainers all agree to abide by MCITA’s standards by clicking registered with the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) by clicking

Some of our MCITA members have also been through the MCIAC accreditation process which is a voluntary quality assurance qualification to show that they offer good quality training. For more information about MCIAC Authorised Training Bodies and to find one near you please click on this link,

So you have satisfied yourself you have the right company and give them a call to clarify a few things so you know what to expect.

  • A fairly prompt answer is always a good start, (if you get an answer machine do leave a message, Training Schools are busy people they will get back to you).
  • Are you greeted with the company name and can you ‘feel the smile’ on the other end of the phone? Is your query answered confidently?
  • Does the person on the other end ask you questions, to make sure you are getting booked on the correct course for you, or find out what you want to achieve? 
  • Have the confidence to ask the trivial questions, it may be the answer that puts your mind at ease. Here are some to start you off. 
  • Do you provide all the safety equipment without a further charge?
  • Is there an additional charge if I do not complete CBT in a day?
  • Will I be able to touch the ground with my feet as I am quite short?
  • How large is the off road site, will I get beyond second gear?
  • Can I get further training if I don’t feel confident?
  • What classroom and toilet facilities do you have?
  • Can I try a session before I book?
  • What happens if I struggle with a geared bike, will the instructor help me or will I be moved to a scooter? (If you know you want to ride a geared bike the instructor should spend more time with you, however your CBT may take more than one day.  Don’t feel pressured into changing to a scooter as they are very different to ride).
  • Are there terms and conditions I need to know about?
  • Can I get one to one tuition?

You’d expect a company to ask for your name and address or email to send out an information pack.

You could also request a visit to their office before booking any training with them.

Of course, nothing really beats recommendation from family, friends and colleagues.