Promote, Protect & Expand the Business of Motorcycle Training

Why Join

Why Join

Our aim is to Promote, Protect and Expand the Business of Motorcycle Training

Joining MCITA - Why Join

The Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA) was first formed in 2008.  We have dealt with many issues since then including the implementation of 2DLD, 3DLD, numerous consultation responses, transport select committee inquiries and the test review.

MCITA is represented on all Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Department for Transport (DfT) Committees dealing with motorcycles so we are well placed to keep you informed on current issues and also pass on your concerns and comments.

In light of Brexit, MCITA works under the umbrella of MCIA who will be working closely with Governmental departments and will make sure MCITA members are kept up to date with any developing opportunities and help overcome any new challenges which may lie ahead.

It is reported that the exit of the European Union will take 2 years to finalise and therefore MCIA will continue to work with ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motorcycles) which is MCIAs sister organisation based in Europe and keep you informed about any forthcoming situations that may affect the industry.

Our members can expect us to:

Help ensure sufficient access to tests (Theory and Practical). There have been problems around the country with lack of examiners, in light of this the DVSA have confirmed that from January 2015 to July 2016 they advertised and recruited 16 new motorcycle examiners. They have also trained 27 individuals from their existing workforce to conduct motorcycle tests, fast tracked 6 candidates and have 33 existing staff allocated to planned training courses which will take place before the end of the financial year.

Raise the standards and improve the quality of training provided to the public. MCIA was approved by IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) to provide vocational training courses one for ATBs and one for Instructors. MCIAC courses have been designed to raise the standard of motorcycle training and to benefit ATBs helping make them more professional and prosperous.

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Improve communication. You will be updated on current issues and consultations, we will make sure any issues and concerns are passed on to seek resolution.

If you would like to discuss MCITA  and its future direction in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us via email