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Try before you buy

Try before you buy

Get_Onlogo_roundel_whiteWhen you first look into motorcycling, you might think there is a lot to consider but don’t be put off!  The Industry recognises that getting a licence can look complicated and this can be a barrier to people getting on two wheels and have launched the Get On campaign to help you.

‘Get On’ will explain the many positives of motorcycling, and gives anyone who has not ridden a motorcycle or scooter before the chance to try it – completely free of charge.

This is a great opportunity for you to find out if motorcycling is for you before you spend money on things like clothing, a helmet, the cost of the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and a bike.

Visit Get On and register for a Free Ride, or have a look around the site to read about other people’s experiences.

You can also contact the Get On Team by phone to book a free ride or just for help and advice about anything at all to do with motorcycles or scooters on  02476 408040.

In addition to Get On, you could also talk to an MCITA trainer for advice. They will all be happy to help you and explain the training and licencing options available to you. Click Here for our members.